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CJ Object Scaler 3.0

A JQuery Plug-In to Scale Objects to Fit or Fill Within Another Object

CJ Object Scaler scale-to-fit and scale-to-fill examples.

CJ Object Scaler will scale an object to either fit or fill within the boundaries of a destination object. I based this plug-in off another JavaScript project I made awhile back, you can read what it does in the CJ Image: Easily Calculate Image Scaling blog enry. It was a nice little function that would help you calculate the size and offsets to use when scaling an image to fit (or fill) within another element. It didn't actually do any scaling, per say, it merely provided you with the numeric amounts to use. The function introduced two scaling methods, Scale To Fit and Scale To Fill.

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CJ Simple Slideshow 3.0

A Simple Cross-Fade Slideshow Plug-In for JQuery

JQuery Plug-In: Simple Slideshow v3.0

It's been a long and interesting journey since I first wrote the first CJ Simple Slideshow. As you may or may not know, this was literally my first attempt at writing a jQuery plug-in. And as luck would have it, I needed to use it for a project I'm currently working on. The problem is, it sucks. I've never claimed to be a jQuery expert. I'm basically just like you, a simple web developer learning and experimenting with the awesomness that is jQuery. Trying to implement version 2.1.1, I soon realized how sucky it was. I was doing a lot of things in javascript that I could have done a lot easier in jQuery. So I took it upon myself to fix this terrible wrong that I have bestowed upon the world and present you with CJ Simple Slideshow v3.0. New, improved and full of slideshow might! It's now about 30% smaller than the previous versions. So you have a nice lightweight footprint to boot.

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TinyMCE HTML5 Media Plug-In 0.0.1

A plug-in for TinyMCE to manager the new HTML5 video tag

HTML5 Media Plug-In for TinyMCE is a modification of MoxieCode's built inmedia plug-in to allow HTML5's new <video> and <source> tags. It's far from perfect and there are a few known drawbacks with this first release. The biggest issue is that the plug-in GUI dialog doesn't allow you to easily add/edit multiple <source> elements. It should be easy enough to integrate, but I wanted to release the code to make sure there are no other major issues before I continued.

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CJ File Browser 3.1.3

CJ File Browser File and Image Manager

CJ File Browser - File and image manager

CJ File Browser is a file management system to allow you to view and modify a server's directory contents through the use of a web browser. It can be implemented as a plug-in with tinyMCE or work separately in standalone mode. With it you will be able to upload any file type (including images) as well as a limited ability to modify directories. Some of the actions you can perform are: upload files, delete files, navigate directories, create directories, delete directories and if the file is a supported web image (GIF, JPG or PNG) you will be able to see a small preview of the image.

The main interface is completely written using standard HTML and JavaScript. There is no Flash or Shockwave used! The actions the interface needs to perform are handed off to a Handler Engine System using AJAX calls. This allowed us to create a plug-in architecture to allow the use of multiple server technology. If the a Handler Engine Plug-In is not available for your particular language, then you can create your own by following the [blog:guide-to-creating-your-own-cj-file-browser-handler-engine-plug-in]CJ File Browser 3.1 Custom Engine Guide[/blog] on my blog.

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CJ Image Flipbox 1.1.1

A Nice jQuery Plug-In That Mimics Apple's iPhoto App to Display a Group of Images

CJ Image FlipBox v1.1.1 is a jQuery plug-in that displays a series of images based on the mouse position within the display box. The left-most side of the FlipBox displays the first image, where as the right-most side displays the last image. Moving between the two, displays any other images that fall between. This is an attempt to mimic Apple's iPhoto software and the way it displays events. As an added bonus, I actually took the time and tested it in the following browsers: FireFox 3.5, IE6, IE7, IE8, Safari 4. (Lesson learned from my first jQuery Plug-In!)

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